Former Chairman Resigns from £2.5 Billion London Resort Project Amidst Setbacks and Uncertainty

Steve Norris, former chairman of the £2.5 billion London Resort, has announced his resignation from the project. This news comes as yet another senior figure steps down from the team working on the highly anticipated theme park.

Despite this setback, Norris remains optimistic about the future of the project. He believes that the resort still has a bright future, despite the challenges it has faced and the lack of progress so far.

The London Resort was first announced in 2012, with the promise of bringing a taste of Disneyland to the Swanscombe Peninsula between Dartford and Gravesend. The ambitious project would include thrilling rides, thousands of hotel rooms, restaurants, and live entertainment venues, as well as providing jobs for tens of thousands of people. It was initially set to open in 2019.

However, after 12 years and over £100 million spent, the project has yet to materialize. Paramount, the US entertainment giant who initially partnered with the London Resort, pulled out and is now involved in a legal battle with the company behind the scheme. This has caused significant delays and hindered progress.

Norris, a former Transport Minister and twice a Tory candidate for London Mayor, has been on the board since 2014. He explained that his decision to resign was due to his workload and the ongoing legal action between London Resort and Paramount.

The project has faced numerous obstacles, including Paramount’s legal challenge and environmental concerns over the proposed site. These issues have resulted in the project being significantly scaled back and its original plans being scrapped.

In addition, Universal Studios recently announced plans to build a theme park in Bedford, raising speculation that it could potentially overshadow the London Resort. However, Norris believes that the UK is still a prime location for a major theme park, and the London Resort’s proximity to the HS1 line gives it a significant advantage.

The project has also faced setbacks in terms of leadership, with former CEO PY Gerbeau stepping down in 2019. He was initially seen as the driving force behind the project, but his departure has left the project in a state of limbo.

Despite these challenges, Norris remains confident that the London Resort will eventually come to fruition. However, with no revised plans submitted since the original ones were scrapped, it is clear that the project is facing significant obstacles and may be on “life-support,” according to an industry insider.

The future of the London Resort remains uncertain, but one thing is for sure – it will take a lot of effort and determination to make this ambitious project a reality.

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