Former Apprentice Contestant Raj Dhonota Works to Make Comeback from Bankruptcy Again

Raj Dhonota, a Dartford native and former contestant on The Apprentice, has had a tumultuous journey on the hit BBC TV show. From facing Lord Sugar head-on to making millions and then losing it all, Dhonota is now determined to make a comeback from bankruptcy yet again.

The 49-year-old serial entrepreneur appeared on the very first season of The Apprentice in 2005 and reached the ninth week before being fired by Lord Sugar. In an interview with KentOnline, Dhonota reveals that his experience on the show was not what he had expected.

At the time, the prize for winning the show was a “six-figure salary” working for Lord Sugar’s company. Today, it’s a £250,000 investment in a joint business venture. However, the portrayal of the show versus the reality was completely different, with a lot of manipulation in the editing.

Dhonota also shares that he barely had any interaction with Lord Sugar and that the eventual winner, Tim Campbell, was “fully deserving” and “one of the nicest people” he had met on the show.

The current season of The Apprentice is set to conclude on Thursday night and has been running for 18 seasons. However, Dhonota admits that he has barely watched any of the episodes since his appearance on the show.

Back then, Dhonota was among the 10,000 applicants for the show and was selected as one of the final 14. However, he found that the tasks they were assigned were not as challenging as he had expected and that the conditions they were forced to live under during filming, such as not being able to speak to their families for weeks, were very limiting.

He also reveals that some contestants were not as serious about winning the competition and were more interested in gaining a media profile or an entry into the entertainment industry. However, for Dhonota, the show was a double-edged sword and he was glad to be fired.

After his appearance on The Apprentice, Dhonota went on to launch several successful tech ventures, becoming a millionaire and creating jobs. However, when he ventured into starting his own investment fund, he faced a heavy price and was subject to a lengthy fraud probe by the police.

The collapse of his fund also forced him to declare bankruptcy again, but he sees it as a way to come back stronger. Now, he is putting his focus on making a final comeback by launching a new business venture in the US.

Dhonota, who currently resides in West Wickham with his wife and 11-year-old son, plans to split his time between the UK and California as he devotes four to five years to making his new business a success.

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