Fly-tipping Continues to Plague South Darenth as Local Lanes Become Latest Target

The peaceful country lane between Rabbits Road and Canada Farm Road in South Darenth has been the latest target of irresponsible fly-tippers. According to local residents, the area has been plagued by this ongoing issue, with a large pile of rubbish being dumped in the cut-through this week.

Resident Henry Mitchell expressed his frustration, stating “We have just received our regular monthly fly-tip. It is becoming a huge problem in the lanes around here, particularly this one.” This is not the first time this area has been targeted by fly-tippers, as last month an emergency seven-day road closure was put in place in a road providing access to Dean Bottom, after a mound of what appeared to be car parts was dumped. Investigators were concerned that this could be linked to organized crime.

The situation has become so severe that motorists were unable to access Dean Bottom near Dartford while investigations were carried out. In February, a similar incident occurred in the neighboring village of Horton Kirby, where the main route in and out was closed due to large amounts of roof tiles being dumped in the middle of School Lane. This resulted in nearby Wilson Lane being cut off for a week as well, as authorities worked to investigate and clear the area after huge mounds of earth were dumped on the country road.

As a result, School Lane in Horton Kirby has once again been forced to shut down due to fly-tipping. A diversion has been put in place via Canada Farm Road and Rabbits Road. The continuous acts of fly-tipping in this idyllic countryside area have caused major inconvenience and disruption for local residents and authorities alike. It is imperative that stricter measures are put in place to prevent these illegal acts and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

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