Flood Forces Wilmington Grammar School for Girls to Close, But Quickly Reopens Thanks to Repairs

A flood inside the building of Wilmington Grammar School for Girls (WGSG) in Parsons Lane, Dartford, caused the school to close its doors. However, the school has now reopened after repairs were made and students and staff returned to their regular routines.

Last Friday (March 8), parents were given last-minute notices advising them not to send their children to school due to the flood. The school released a statement on its website, explaining the temporary closure was due to a “serious water leak” within the main building.

As students were on their way to the bus stops, parents received alerts about the incident at around 7:45 am. The statement also mentioned that live online lessons would be held from the second period onwards.

While the girls’ grammar school was closed, the nearby Wilmington Grammar School for Boys remained open. Sixth-form students who attend classes at the boys’ school were still expected to attend.

Fortunately, the leak has been fixed, and the school has now resumed its regular operations. Headteacher Michelle Lawson expressed her gratitude to the staff and parents for quickly adapting to the unexpected closure and implementing home learning on such short notice.

Ms. Lawson also sent an email to parents, reassuring them that the leak has been repaired and that the school will return to normal on Monday. She also mentioned that some maintenance work will need to be done over the Easter break.

KentOnline reached out to WGSG for more information, and the school has yet to respond. However, the school’s swift actions and efficient repairs have allowed for a smooth return to school for the students and staff.

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