Flood Forces Closure of Wilmington Grammar School for Girls, Students Moved to Online Classes

Classes at Wilmington Grammar School for Girls (WGSG) have been disrupted due to a recent flood inside the building. Located on Parsons Lane in Wilmington, near Dartford, the school was forced to close its doors to students today (Friday).

In a statement on its website, the school cited the flood as the reason for its closure. The incident was also communicated to parents via email at 7:45am this morning. The email stated that due to a “serious water leak” in the main school, WGSG would be closed for the day. However, all students would be able to attend live online lessons from the second period onwards.

While the cause of the water leak is still unknown, the statement mentioned that Wilmington Grammar School for Boys was still open. Sixth-form students who attend classes at the nearby school were advised to continue attending as usual.

There is currently no information on when the school will reopen. WGSG has been contacted for further details on the incident.

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