Five Men Arrested After Brawl Outside McDonald’s in Dartford Town Centre

A group of five men in their 20s were taken into custody by police after a reported brawl in Dartford town centre last night. The incident, which took place outside a popular McDonald’s restaurant on Spital Street, was witnessed by several bystanders.

According to reports, one man was seen with blood pouring from his head, causing alarm among passersby. Emergency services were quick to respond, with at least four ambulances and five police cars rushing to the scene just after 6pm.

One witness described the scene, saying, “I was in town when it happened – there was a big pool of blood outside McDonald’s.” The cause of the fight is still unknown, but it is believed to have started in the high street before spilling over into the fast food chain’s parking lot.

Police have since confirmed that five individuals in their 20s have been arrested in connection with the incident. A spokesperson for the force stated, “We were called at 6.18pm on Tuesday, February 6 to a report of a disturbance in Dartford High Street. Officers arrived at the scene and were able to apprehend the suspects, three of whom are local men aged 26, 27, and 29, and two others from Coventry, aged 26 and 28.”

The arrested individuals were treated for injuries, including cuts and bruises, at a nearby hospital before being discharged and taken into custody for further questioning. The police investigation into the brawl is ongoing, and anyone with information is urged to contact authorities at 01474 366149, quoting reference 46/20656/24. Alternatively, individuals can provide anonymous tips by calling Crimestoppers at 0800 555111.

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