Fire Officials Warn Farm Place Residents of Log Burner Dangers After Recent Blaze

Residents in the Farm Place neighborhood of Crayford, near Dartford, are being warned about the potential dangers of log burners after a recent house fire.

The blaze, which occurred on Monday (January 15), was quickly contained by multiple fire crews who were called to the scene. The fire is believed to have started accidentally and was caused by a log burner. Thankfully, no injuries were reported and the fire was extinguished within two hours.

However, this incident serves as a reminder for homeowners, especially those with children, to take precautions when using log burners in their homes. Kent Fire and Rescue Service, along with the London Fire Brigade, have issued a warning to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.

According to a spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade, the rising cost of energy has led to an increase in heating-related fires. They urge people to follow manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that log burners are safety registered and in good working condition. Additionally, they remind individuals to always supervise children when using these devices and to keep them away from anything that could potentially catch fire.

In order to ensure the safety of their homes, residents are encouraged to use the online Home Fire Safety Checker provided by firefighters. This simple tool provides tailored advice in just a few minutes to help prevent any hidden hazards in the home. By following these safety measures, homeowners can keep themselves and their loved ones safe from potential fires caused by log burners.

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