Family Relives Terrifying Night as Armed Robbers Plead Guilty in Court

A horrifying incident unfolded in the quiet town of Swanscombe last year, when a family was terrorized in their own home by three armed and masked robbers. The victims, a mother, father, and child, recently relived the terrifying night in court as the perpetrators, Morgan Tinpeloo, Ashley Henry, and Marvrick Elba, pleaded guilty to the crime.

According to the prosecution, the family was about to start playing a PlayStation game when the three assailants burst into their home, wielding Stanley knives and wearing balaclavas. One of the children was reportedly pinned down and threatened with a knife to their neck, while other children were screaming and crying as the same blade was waved at them. The mother was also threatened, wetting herself in fear, and one of the children now suffers from panic attacks as a result of the traumatic experience.

The father was struck with a bottle and hit multiple times with a dumbbell, resulting in a fractured skull, as the robbers demanded money. When they were unsuccessful, one of the perpetrators allegedly threatened to harm the sleeping child. The mother and father both testified in court, with the father recalling the moment when one of the robbers held a knife to the child’s throat and threatened to “slit or slash” it.

During the trial, Elba and Henry denied any involvement in the knifepoint threats and to the children in particular. A Newton hearing, where a judge decides the facts without a jury, was held to determine the truth of the matter. The judge reserved judgment until June 25, telling the defendants: “I will now go away and decide what I deem the truth to be.”

Despite pleading guilty to the crimes, the judge’s ruling could impact the severity of the sentences imposed. Reports have also been ordered to assess any potential danger the defendants may pose to the public. The sentencing hearing is set for October 17, and all three perpetrators remain in custody. The traumatic experience has left a lasting impact on the victims and serves as a reminder of the dangers of armed and masked robberies.

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