Eynsford’s Castle Hotel: A Quaint Village Pub with a Unique Charm

Eynsford may be a small village, but it certainly knows how to make an impression. Nestled between Brands Hatch and Swanley, the Castle Hotel stands out with its warm glow and beautiful leaded windows.

As a local journalist, I couldn’t resist paying a visit to this charming watering hole. And I have to say, it did not disappoint.

Upon entering, I was greeted by a forest of pink and white flowers hanging from the ceiling. While they may have seemed a bit out of place, they added a unique touch to the overall atmosphere.

The bar and dining area was spacious and well-decorated, with a cozy fire and plenty of seating. I couldn’t help but notice a lengthy wait at the bar, as the barmaid was busy filling a large order for coffees. But I didn’t mind too much, as it was five o’clock somewhere.

The only ale on tap was a Whitstable Bay Pale, and I decided to give it a try along with a packet of Pipers salt and vinegar crisps. However, I was a bit disappointed when the crisps turned out to be a different flavor than what I had ordered, and at a steep price of £1.50.

The Whitstable Bay was decent, but a bit overpriced in my opinion. However, the friendly and upbeat atmosphere made up for it. That is, until a bearded man started marching around the bar, loudly discussing an outbreak of something called “Pennywort.” It was like something out of a Dom Joly sketch.

The background music was unremarkable, but the real entertainment came from the various patrons. I noticed a group of Irishmen at a nearby table, who were discussing which funerals they would and would not attend in the coming weeks. They each had a pint of Moretti, but for some reason, they all left after only drinking a third of their pints.

I also couldn’t help but notice a man in the corner who seemed to be running his entire business from his laptop. It may sound like a joke, but it was true.

The hotel also had a beautiful garden area, which I imagine is very popular in the summer. The toilets were impeccably decorated and maintained, and I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t stay longer to try the food, which smelled delicious.

Overall, I was impressed by the Castle Hotel. The decor was tasteful and unique, the drinks were decent (though a bit overpriced), and the staff was friendly. I would definitely recommend checking it out, especially in the warmer months.

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