Escaped Cows Cause Chaos in Bean Village as Residents and Officials Work to Find a Solution.

Escaped Cows Cause Chaos in Bean Village as Residents and Officials Work to Find a Solution.

Residents of Bean village were left in a state of shock and panic as escaped cows roamed the streets, causing danger to both the public and themselves. The incident, which occurred on School Lane and Southfleet Road, has been attributed to individuals deliberately cutting fences surrounding a cattle field.

According to reports, the cows, owned by local farmer Perrin Thomas, escaped four times in a span of 48 hours. The first incident took place when children were leaving Bean Primary School on School Lane, while the second occurred late at night. The black farm animals, easily identifiable by their yellow tags, were seen blocking the main road through Bean village, causing traffic to come to a standstill.

Mr. Thomas, who had only leased the field five weeks prior, believes that the escapes were a result of people cutting through the fencing that had been placed across a footpath. In an effort to prevent further incidents, he had spent over £3,500 erecting fences around the field. However, he is now in talks with Kent County Council and the public rights of way officer to ensure that the fencing is in the correct location and is willing to move it if necessary.

Meanwhile, Mr. Thomas has urged the public to refrain from vandalizing the fences, as it not only takes away his time and resources from necessary farm work, but also poses a danger to the cows and passing motorists. He also emphasized that people can still walk through the fields without damaging the fences.

The Bean Parish Council has also expressed concern over the situation, stating that the cutting of fences to access a public footpath is not only irresponsible but could also lead to serious accidents. They have been in contact with Mr. Thomas and the public rights of way officer, and have requested that the fences remain intact until the situation is resolved to prevent further damage and injury.

In the meantime, Mr. Thomas has asked for the public’s cooperation in keeping the cows within their field, and has provided his contact number (07772 704136) for anyone who spots them outside. The council has assured residents that they are working towards a prompt resolution to the issue.

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