Eleven Insulate Britain members, including Canterbury man, found guilty of causing chaos on M25 in September 2021

Eleven individuals, including a man from Canterbury, have been found guilty of causing chaos on the M25 in September 2021.

The group, known as Insulate Britain, caused severe delays on the M25 by blocking various junctions, with one of their main actions taking place near junction 31 at the A282.

The disruption, which was just one of many protests that month, resulted in major traffic delays across the country.

After a lengthy investigation by Essex Police, Biff Whipster, 56, of Oakwood Road, Sturry, Canterbury, was one of the group members charged and convicted.

Whipster, along with six others, had denied the offence, but was found guilty on March 7 after a three-week trial at Reading Crown Court.

The disruption caused a ripple effect on other roads, including the M25, A13, A282, and A20, with an estimated economic impact of at least £118,000 and over 6,500 hours lost in delays for thousands of motorists.

Detective Sergeant Chris Arnold, who led the investigation, praised the hard work of the investigative team, which resulted in all 11 members being charged with causing a public nuisance and now facing sentencing on April 19.

He also emphasized the importance of peaceful protest in a democracy, but condemned the actions of the group as “criminal disruption.”

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Nelson, who directed the team’s work, also commended the efforts of the investigative team, which has led to over 90 convictions related to road disruption in 2021.

The eleven individuals convicted after trial are:

– Biff Whipster, 56, of Oakwood Road, Sturry, Canterbury
– Nicholas Till, 68, of Rheidol Terrace, London, N1
– Nicholas Onley, 61, of Richmond Road, London, N15
– Rob Stuart, 42, Chingford Road, London, E17
– Louise Lancaster, 58, of High Street, Barton, Cambridge
– Janine Eagling, 63, of Tower Hamlets Road, London, E17
– David Crawford, 70, of Falkland Road, Dorking.

The four individuals who were convicted after earlier admitting the offence are:

– Tim Speers, 38, of Princes Avenue, Hull
– Stefania Morosi, 46, of Hessel Road, London, W13
– Donald Bell, 68, of Bliss Way, Cambridge
– Gabriella Ditton, 30, of Silver Road, Norwich.

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