Ebbsfleet Green Primary School Launches New Edible Garden, Students Cook Up Delicious Treats and Learn Valuable Skills

Ebbsfleet Green Primary School has been buzzing with excitement as they recently launched their new edible garden scheme. The students were able to enjoy the fruits of their labor as they cooked up delicious treats like carrot muffins and apple crumble using ingredients from the garden. The goodies were then sold at the school’s open day, with all profits going back into the project.

In addition to the tasty treats, the launch on April 26th also included a lesson on selecting recipes using ingredients that could one day be harvested from the garden. The garden was made possible through funding, design, and construction support from the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation (EDC). It is designed to provide opportunities for students to learn new skills, engage in physical activity, and develop their confidence while also enjoying the benefits of gardening and nature.

Mark Pullin, EDC’s director of planning and place, expressed his support for the project, stating, “We are pleased to support Ebbsfleet Green’s new edible garden. We hope it provides a fun and engaging space for students to learn about the joys of growing food and the benefits this has on the community and planet.”

The edible garden project has been a community effort, with the school’s gardening club playing a vital role in its development. Throughout the year, students have been busy planting and sowing seeds for seasonal vegetables, with plants being donated by members of the community.

The launch event was a hit with the students, with nursery pupil Avery enjoying the bubbles handed out and Fiyin eagerly tucking into some apple crumble. The event also saw Ebbsfleet Development Corporation donate a tree to the school, which was received by interim headteacher Joshua Croucher and students Katie-Louise Lawrence and Dhiya.

Croucher expressed his pride in the students’ enthusiasm and creativity towards the new edible garden, stating, “As a school, we are very proud of all our children’s enthusiasm, creativity, and their responsibility towards the new edible garden. We hope this project will continue to grow as the school flourishes and that it can grow with the community.”

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