Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation in Need of Urgent Funds for New Roof After Devastating Flood Threatens Sanctuary’s Future.

Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation in Need of Urgent Funds for New Roof After Devastating Flood Threatens Sanctuary's Future.

Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation in Eynsford, near Dartford, is calling on the community to help raise funds for a new roof after a devastating flood threatened the sanctuary’s future.

The foundation, known for its incredible bird of prey center and diverse collection of rescued animals, is in desperate need of a new roof for its main building. The tearoom, gift shop, toilets, office, and indoor flying area are all housed in this building, making it a crucial part of the foundation’s operations.

According to Director Samantha Leonard, the current roof is nearly 60 years old and has been causing problems for years. Despite numerous attempts to fix the leaks, it has become clear that a complete replacement is necessary.

However, the cost of a new roof is estimated to be around £100,000, which is a significant amount for a non-profit organization like Eagle Heights. In order to raise the necessary funds, the foundation has set up a Gofundme page and is also planning to hold fundraising events such as a barbeque or quiz night.

Leonard explains that the roof is vital to the sanctuary’s future, as it houses essential indoor facilities and without it, the foundation cannot continue to operate and serve the community. She also mentions that the roof is not just for the safety of the animals, but also for the safety of visitors and staff.

The foundation is hoping to get a more reasonable quote for the roof replacement, as a nearby building with a similar roof paid around £100,000 for its replacement. Leonard also adds that they have not yet set a timeframe for the replacement, as it will depend on how successful their fundraising efforts are.

For now, the focus is on raising enough funds as soon as possible to avoid any potential safety issues and keep the foundation running smoothly. Leonard concludes by expressing her gratitude to the community for their support and hopes to see them at upcoming fundraising events.

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