Discarded Medical Masks Found in Farningham Wood Nature Reserve Sparks Cleanup Efforts and Concern for Local Community

Discarded boxes of medical masks have been discovered in Farningham Wood Nature Reserve near Eynsford, causing concern for the local community. The area, which is home to ancient woodland and is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, has been littered with hundreds of boxes of disposable PPE.

According to reports, a dog walker stumbled upon the discarded boxes in a nearby car park earlier this week. The car park is owned by Farningham Parish Council and they are currently working with the Sevenoaks council to clean up the site as quickly as possible. The council’s environmental enforcement team has also visited the site to gather evidence for their investigation into the incident.

Residents have been urged to report any information they may have about this or any other fly-tipping incidents to the council’s environmental enforcement team at ee@sevenoaks.gov.uk. In addition, the council has also issued advice to residents on the proper disposal of waste, emphasizing the importance of using registered waste carriers.

A spokesperson for Sevenoaks council stated, “Residents and businesses can play a crucial role in reducing the incidents of fly-tipping by only using registered waste carriers to dispose of their waste. The Environment Agency website provides a list of registered waste carriers for reference.”

The discovery of these dumped medical masks serves as a reminder of the importance of proper waste management and the impact it has on the environment. The local community hopes that the responsible party will be held accountable for their actions and that measures will be taken to prevent future incidents like this from occurring.

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