Despite his passing, his involvement in one of the most audacious and talked-about robberies in British history will never be forgotten.

Despite his passing, his involvement in one of the most audacious and talked-about robberies in British history will never be forgotten.

Dartford’s Notorious Mastermind of Hatton Garden Heist, Brian Reader, Passes Away at 84 After Battling Colon and Prostate Cancer

Infamous gangster and mastermind of the Hatton Garden heist, Brian Reader, has died at the age of 84. The news of his passing was confirmed by a recent death certificate, revealing that he had been battling colon and prostate cancer. Known as “The Guvnor”, Reader was from Dartford and was responsible for a series of high-profile robberies, including the infamous 2015 heist at Hatton Garden.

Reader, also known as the leader of the Diamond Wheezers, and his crew made headlines when they stole gold and gems worth around £14 million from a bank vault over the Easter weekend. The group worked tirelessly for four days, drilling through the thick walls of the vault to carry out the robbery. Reader was later sentenced to six years and three months in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit burglary.

In 2016, Reader suffered a stroke and was moved from Belmarsh Prison to an intensive care unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich. His health continued to deteriorate, and he appeared in court in a wheelchair a year later while also battling prostate cancer. Due to his declining health, Reader was granted early release in 2018. However, he was later deemed too unwell by a judge to return to prison for failing to pay back £6.6 million of his share from the heist.

The Hatton Garden heist gained widespread media attention and even inspired three films, including the 2018 movie King of Thieves, starring Michael Caine, Ray Winstone, and Michael Gambon. Reader was the oldest member of the notorious gang, which also included John “Kenny” Collins, Daniel Jones, and the late Terry Perkins.

Reader had a long history of criminal convictions, dating back to the 1960s, including his involvement in the infamous Brink’s-Mat robbery in 1983, where £26 million was stolen from a warehouse near Heathrow Airport. He served eight years for his role in that heist, which was later dramatized in the BBC series The Gold.

In June of last year, Reader reportedly sold his Dartford estate for £2.5 million. This came after a court order in 2019, which required him to sell his homes. A total of three properties were sold, including the Pentire, which was bought for £900,000, and the houses named Laurel and Holly, which were sold for £800,000.

Brian Reader’s death marks the end of an era for the notorious Hatton Garden heist, leaving behind a legacy of crime and notoriety.

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