Dartford Woman Left Hurt and Insulted by Jimmy Carr’s Jokes at Orchard West Show

Dartford Woman Feels Insulted by Jimmy Carr’s Jokes at Orchard West Show

Carly Ahlen, a deaf woman from Dartford, was left feeling hurt and insulted after attending a Jimmy Carr show at the Orchard West theatre in Kent.

Ahlen claims that Carr, known for his controversial jokes, made offensive remarks about the deaf community during his performance. She was left feeling disappointed that a well-known comedian would use his platform to mock those with disabilities.

The 44-year-old, who lost her hearing while serving in the army, says that Carr noticed her in the front row wearing a beret and asked why she was wearing it. When she lifted her beret to show her hearing aid, she hoped Carr would move on from the topic. However, he continued to make jokes about the deaf community throughout the show.

Ahlen, who runs a wildlife rescue organization in Dartford, was using an app on her phone to transcribe the show. Carr then made a joke about her beret, asking if she was calling for backup from the French resistance. She was shocked and felt that the comedian had crossed a line.

She said, “There’s a joke and then there’s absolutely insulting. It’s vile to the deaf community. It’s just not acceptable. He doesn’t need to do that – he’s rich enough.”

Ahlen did not complain to the theatre, but she did write to the British Deaf Association to raise her concerns. Hi Kent, a charity that helps people with hearing loss, expressed their sympathy for Ahlen’s experience and emphasized the importance of promoting understanding and inclusion for those with disabilities.

This is not the first time Carr has faced backlash for his controversial jokes. In 2022, he received criticism for making offensive comments about the Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller community in a Netflix special. He has also previously joked about deafness during his shows.

Carr’s management team declined to comment on the matter, and the Orchard Theatre also chose not to comment. However, it is clear that Carr’s jokes have caused harm and offense to members of the deaf community. As a popular and influential figure, it is important for him to use his platform responsibly and not perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

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