Dartford Tunnel Emergency Repairs and Accident Cause Major Delays for Commuters on M25 Anti-Clockwise

Attention drivers! Commuters using the Dartford Tunnel as part of their daily route have been advised to expect significant delays due to emergency repairs taking place. The situation is made worse by the closure of two lanes in the right-hand tunnel, resulting in a 50% reduction in capacity. According to a spokesperson for National Highways, the closure has caused major congestion on the M25 anti-clockwise between J31 A1306 (Lakeside/Purfleet) and J1A A206 (Dartford). However, the left-hand tunnel remains open at this time.

In addition to the emergency repairs, National Highways has also reported an accident at J30 for Thurrock, resulting in delays of up to an hour on the M25 anti-clockwise. This unfortunate incident has only added to the already frustrating traffic situation for commuters.

As always, drivers are reminded to exercise caution and patience while navigating through the affected areas. It is also advised to plan for additional travel time or find alternative routes if possible. National Highways is working diligently to complete the necessary repairs and reopen the affected lanes as soon as possible. Stay tuned for updates and drive safely.

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