Dartford Residents Embrace Town Centre Pedestrianisation in £20 Million Revamp Project

Dartford Residents Embrace Pedestrianisation of Town Centre

The residents of Dartford have been singing praises for their town’s newly pedestrianised centre. In a £20 million pound project to revamp the area, Market Street has been transformed into a classy, pedestrian-friendly space. Despite the loss of parking outside Iceland, shoppers and businesses alike have welcomed the changes.

The overall regeneration project, which aims to make Dartford a cleaner, safer, and more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly town, has been in the works for several years. While it was originally planned to be completed by summer 2021, it has faced several delays and complications along the way.

One of the most notable changes is the creation of Brewery Square, an open, pedestrianised area that can host events and entertainment. This involved removing the old car park and bus stands outside Iceland. The new civic space features improved lighting, wider pedestrian spaces, and the addition of small green spaces known as “pocket parks”.

Funded mainly by government contributions, the project has also received support from developers and the council. Despite some initial criticism for the long construction process, residents are now embracing the changes.

During a recent visit to Market Street, many shoppers expressed their satisfaction with the new look, although some had reservations about the loss of parking spaces. Ellie-Mae Castle, a local resident, described the area as “classy” and a “lovely addition” to Dartford. Others, like John Williams, praised the sociable atmosphere created by the abundance of seating.

However, not everyone is completely pleased with the changes. Mark Powell, who works in Dartford, feels that the area was more useful as a car park. He also believes that the town needs more diverse shops. One resident even suggested that the new green spaces should be made of artificial grass to avoid issues with dogs and children.

The project has also seen other improvements, such as the transformation of One Bell Corner into a tribute to the Rolling Stones, upgrades to the area around the war memorial, and improved street lighting. Next month, work will begin on reconstructing the junction of West Hill/Highfield Road and Spital Street, which will include upgrades to pedestrian crossings and the installation of a new bus stop.

The council has promised to share further updates on additional phases of work, including the areas of Hythe Street and Spital Street, as well as the junctions of Westgate Road/Hythe Road and Prospect Place/Kent Road. With the success of the Market Street pedestrianisation, residents are excited to see what other improvements are in store for their town.

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