Dartford Pub’s Licence Revoked After Police Uncover Alleged Drug Use and Supply on Premises

Dartford Pub's Licence Revoked After Police Uncover Alleged Drug Use and Supply on Premises

The Long Dog pub, located on Market Street in Dartford, has had its licence revoked after police presented CCTV evidence of alleged drug use and supply on the premises. The decision was made by Dartford council following a review of the licence, which revealed “very serious issues” within the establishment.

According to police, the CCTV footage showed evidence of illegal drug use by staff and customers on 133 occasions. This included alleged drug supply on the premises, as well as staff and customers using drugs such as cocaine and cannabis. There were also breaches of the licensing hours, with the pub remaining open after hours and allowing children on the premises after 7pm.

While no criminal charges were brought against the licence holder, Mr Daniel Farr, police reported that a drug swipe test had indicated the presence of illegal substances on the premises. Mr Farr’s representative, Darryl Crossman, acknowledged his client’s inappropriate behavior but stated that it was due to personal and mental health issues for which he was seeking medical assistance.

In an attempt to address the issues, it was proposed that the premises licence be transferred to the pub’s co-owner, Mr Bray, who had completed the necessary qualifications and would be applying for a personal licence. Mr Crossman also stated that any staff who had been seen using drugs were no longer employed, and Mr Bray would ensure that Mr Farr would never be the sole member of staff on site.

However, after considering all evidence and seeking clarification, the licensing sub-committee concluded that they had no confidence that the licensing objectives would be upheld, and therefore had no choice but to revoke the licence.

In their statement, the sub-committee noted the seriousness of the issues raised by the police and the breaches of the licence that had occurred. They also expressed concern that Mr Bray, who had been involved in the premises since August 2022, had not been able to uphold the licensing objectives.

The sub-committee acknowledged that revoking a licence is typically a last resort, but felt it was necessary in this case to ensure the safety and well-being of the public. The Long Dog, which was previously known as the Dartford Jug, has been operating as a pub since June 2018 and was licensed to sell alcohol for consumption on and off the premises, as well as for playing recorded music.

All parties have until April 25 to appeal the decision to the magistrates court. The police and council declined to comment, and Mr Farr also chose not to comment until any potential appeal process has been completed.

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