Dartford Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Involvement in Brutal Murder of Teen at Local Park

Dartford Resident Part of Group Convicted for Killing Teen at Local Park

A Dartford man has been sentenced to life in prison for his involvement in the brutal murder of a teenager at Betts Park in Bromley. Jason Smith, 20, was one of six individuals who were found guilty for the fatal stabbing of 17-year-old Michael Jonas.

The group, which also included Nyron Jean Baptiste, Divon Henry-Campbell, Sarraviho Smith, Jamie Marshall, and Ryan Girense Brown, lured Jonas to the park in 2017 and inflicted fatal injuries on him in just 120 seconds.

Smith, along with the other defendants, was sentenced to life in prison with minimum terms ranging from 12 to 31 years. The court heard that the group believed Jonas was a “snitch” and carried out the attack as retaliation.

The case was initially dropped by the CPS in 2018, but charges were reinstated in 2022 after new evidence was found. The family of Michael Jonas praised the police, especially Detective Constable Becky Pitcher, for their work on the six-year investigation.

Michael Jonas Senior said, “The murder team detectives worked tirelessly to successfully gain these convictions. Even though the case was complicated and lasted more than six years, they never gave up.” He also thanked DC Pitcher for her support and reassurance throughout the process.

DC Pitcher added, “Michael was just 17 when he was fatally stabbed in a violent, pre-planned attack. His family are devastated by his loss but have shown the utmost courage and bravery to keep fighting for justice.” She also acknowledged the impact of the crime on the victim’s family and expressed hope that the convictions bring them some closure.

The group of six individuals will now serve significant prison terms for their actions, but the pain and loss felt by the family of Michael Jonas will never be erased.

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