Dartford Man Arrested for Role in London Bike Theft Ring

Dartford Man Arrested in City of London Police Bust for Bike Theft

A Dartford man has been arrested in connection with a bike theft ring linked to Kent. The 29-year-old, Gavin McKie, of Hill House Road, was one of four individuals who appeared in court yesterday (February 9) as part of an ongoing investigation by the City of London Police.

The group, believed to be part of an organised crime gang, is responsible for stealing over £100,000 worth of bikes in London over a two-year period. McKie was given a 10-month suspended sentence for his involvement in the thefts.

The operation first came to light in 2020 when police uncovered 57 stolen bikes and bike parts at Express Plant Hire. The business was being used as a location to dispose of the stolen bikes by the thieves and their handlers.

In August 2020, there were 68 reported bike thefts in the city, but this number significantly decreased to just seven in January 2021 following the arrests. The gang was caught after a bike was stolen in November 2020 and tracked to a warehouse in East London. CCTV footage showed the thieves entering the warehouse on a daily basis and some of the defendants were even seen dismantling the stolen bikes.

“Our team has been working tirelessly to catch and bring bike thieves and their handlers to justice,” said Detective Constable Matt Cooper, from the Serious Organised Crime Team at City of London Police. “We have been using technology and innovative techniques to limit their opportunities to commit more criminal activities. The sentencing of these individuals demonstrates our dedication to achieving this outcome.”

Louey Baldwin, 29, of Wendover Way, Orpington, was also found guilty and sentenced to two years and nine months for his involvement in handling stolen goods. Suleyman Akram, 30, of St Elmos Road, Southwark, received a sentence of two years and six months, while Ryan Boxcer, 32, of Gunner Rise, Shoeburyness, was given a two-year suspended sentence.

Baldwin was caught on CCTV footage handing over angle grinders, a common tool used to steal bikes, to the thieves. Police also recovered 21 stolen bikes from Akram’s home address.

So far, seven members of the gang have been sentenced to prison or received suspended sentences. Since their arrests, there has been a significant reduction in reported bike thefts in the City of London. Detective Constable Cooper added, “This group stole thousands of pounds worth of bikes, and since their arrests we have had a significant reduction in offences reported as a result of the disruption to the handling mechanism in place for thieves targeting the City.”

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