Dartford Half-Marathon Rescheduled for September Due to Road Issues

Dartford Half-Marathon Rescheduled for September Due to Road Issues

Dartford Half-Marathon Postponed Until September
The annual Dartford Half-Marathon, which has been a staple event for runners in Kent for many years, has been postponed due to road issues. Originally scheduled for February 25, the 13.1-mile race will now take place on September 15.

Organizers of the event, RunThrough, released a statement announcing the change in date, citing road networking issues as the reason for the postponement. They also assured all registered runners that they would be contacted in the coming week with further details.

The race, known for its scenic course and three-hour cutoff time, will still follow its usual route, starting at Central Park Athletics and finishing at the same location. Participants will run through South Darenth and Dartford town center before crossing the finish line.

The Dartford Half-Marathon has a rich history, being the oldest half-marathon in Kent. It was first organized by the Dartford Harriers in 1977, during a time when renowned British runners like Sebastian Coe and Steve Cram were just beginning their careers. The inaugural race was won by British rival Steve Ovett, who went on to achieve great success in the sport, including winning the Olympic gold medal in the 800m race in Moscow in 1980.

Due to the nature of the event, which requires the use of public roads and subsequent closures, the organizers have set a three-hour cutoff time for runners. This year’s race will start at 9am and finish at 12pm.

Despite the change in date, the Dartford Half-Marathon remains a highly anticipated event for runners and the community alike. The organizers apologize for any inconvenience caused and look forward to welcoming many participants on September 15.

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