Dartford Crossing to Close Overnight for Upgrades and Maintenance

Dartford Crossing to Close Overnight for Upgrades and Maintenance

The Dartford Crossing, which connects Kent and Essex, is a vital route for commuters and freight traffic traveling to and from London and the South East. However, for the next two months, some parts of the Crossing will be closed overnight for necessary maintenance and upgrades.

The closures are necessary for the replacement of equipment in the west-bore tunnel and the upgrading of the CCTV system in the east-bore tunnel. According to a spokesperson from the government-owned company responsible for the Crossing, these upgrades are crucial for ensuring the safety and reliability of journeys.

The west-bore tunnel will be closed overnight on weekdays and Saturdays, from 10pm to 5am, until Sunday, February 4. A diversion will be in place via the adjacent east-bore tunnel during these times. On Sundays, the east-bore tunnel will be closed from 10:30pm to 5:30am for routine safety checks and maintenance, with a diversion in place via the west-bore tunnel.

During the week and on Sunday nights, the east-bore tunnel will also be closed overnight for upgrades to the CCTV system. A height restriction will be in place for northbound traffic during these closures. The west-bore tunnel will remain open during these closures, with a diversion in place via the east-bore tunnel.

The Dartford Crossing is a vital link for commuters and freight traffic, and these necessary closures are scheduled to ensure the safety and reliability of journeys. Work will continue in the east-bore tunnel until early March, with updates to be provided for any changes. Drivers are advised to plan their journeys accordingly and to follow the designated diversions during the closures.

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