Dartford Council Leader Joins Kent Politics Podcast to Discuss Lower Thames Crossing, Orchard Theatre, and More

Dartford council leader Cllr Jeremy Kite joins the Kent Politics Podcast this week as the special guest. With nearly two decades at the helm of the borough’s Tories, Kite shares his insights on a variety of topics.

One of the key issues discussed is the ongoing delays and frustrations surrounding the £9bn Lower Thames Crossing project. Kite also expresses his views on the current political class, stating that the public is tired of career politicians who have never held a job outside of the political realm.

In addition, Kite gives an update on the Orchard Theatre, which was forced to close last year due to safety concerns over its roof. The podcast also covers recent events, including Labour heavyweight Yvette Cooper’s visit to Medway and planning issues in Canterbury.

The episode also features the weekly Westminster Watch round-up by political editor Paul Francis, who discusses the possibility of a Kent MP becoming the next prime minister.

The Kent Politics Podcast, hosted by local democracy reporters Simon Finlay, Robert Boddy, and Dan Esson, launched in January and aims to provide in-depth coverage of political issues in the county. Next week, they will be joined by Dover council leader Cllr Kevin Mills to discuss the challenges of running his district and his thoughts on national and local issues.

Listeners can tune in to the podcast on IM Listening or download it from popular platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and TuneIn. New episodes are released every Friday.

This podcast is part of KentOnline’s efforts to expand its political coverage in preparation for the upcoming general election. They have also recently launched dedicated sections on Kent Politics and Medway Politics on their website, as well as airing the respected Kent Politics Show on KMTV every Friday evening.

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