Dartford Burglar Caught Red-Handed and Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for Home Break-Ins

Dartford Burglar Sentenced to Two Years in Prison After Stealing from Local Homes

A man who burglarized homes in Dartford and led police straight to his front door has been sentenced to two years in prison.

Sam Hawkins, 37, was caught after the stolen items, including AirPods, were traced back to his home address. On April 17, Hawkins broke into a family home on Hall Road and stole a bag containing children’s passports, a laptop, and an iPhone X. He also took an iPad and more AirPods.

Just three minutes later, Hawkins committed a second break-in on Joyce Green Lane, where he stole car keys and various electronic items. CCTV footage captured Hawkins approaching the property and leaving with the stolen items. The victim’s vehicle was later found in Erith.

After tracking the stolen AirPods to an address in Pembroke Road, a friend of the first victim confronted Hawkins, recovered the AirPods, and alerted the police. Upon searching Hawkins’ home, officers found the other stolen items and promptly arrested him.

Hawkins was charged with two counts of burglary and pleaded guilty at Woolwich Crown Court. He was sentenced to two years in prison on June 12 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £228.

Detective Constable Daniel Bister, who investigated the case, stated that Hawkins’ greed was his downfall, and by stealing the traceable AirPods, he incriminated himself and led police straight to his front door. Bister also emphasized the despicable nature of targeting family homes and reassured the public that those who commit such crimes will be pursued and brought to justice.

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