Dartford Animal Rescue Successfully Rescues Rowdy Peacock in Gravesend

Dartford Animal Rescue Successfully Rescues Rowdy Peacock in Gravesend

Dartford Animal Rescue Comes to the Rescue of Rowdy Peacock in Gravesend

A troublesome peacock, who had been causing quite a stir in Gravesend for over six months, has finally been rescued by the dedicated volunteers at Dartford Animal Rescue.

The majestic bird, now affectionately named Saataj by his adoring neighbors, had been spotted roaming the streets, hopping onto houses and fences, and making loud noises. Concerned residents contacted the rescue on April 9th, hoping they could help the peacock find a safe and suitable home.

Ciara O’Hare, who runs the rescue, along with her sister and volunteer Rosie O’Hare, and animal rescuer Melissa Doris, responded to the call. They found that Saataj had been crossing a busy main road to sleep in a tree at night, and had made himself at home between three neighboring gardens. The residents had grown attached to him, feeding him and giving him a name.

However, as breeding season approached, Saataj’s loud calls for a mate raised concerns among the neighbors. The rescue team, who have been operating for three years, had never caught a peacock before, but they were determined to help.

Rosie, who has years of experience in handling animals, was able to lure Saataj down from the roof of a bungalow using recorded peahen noises. They then managed to catch him and safely transport him back to the rescue in an IKEA bag.

Ciara emphasized that the rescue was completely stress-free for Saataj, and he was later taken to The Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary in High Halden, Ashford. There, he has been introduced to other peacocks and peahens, and the residents who took care of him can visit him at the sanctuary’s cafe.

Rosie expressed her happiness for Saataj, knowing that he now has a group of friends and hopefully will find the girlfriend he desperately wants. The rescue center is currently raising funds for a new treatment building, and donations can be made on their website.

Thanks to the quick and compassionate response from Dartford Animal Rescue, Saataj is now safe and content in his new home. The residents of Gravesend can rest easy knowing that their rowdy peacock is in good hands.

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