Darent Valley Hospital introduces Kitten Scanner to ease fears of young patients undergoing scans

Darent Valley Hospital introduces Kitten Scanner to ease fears of young patients undergoing scans

Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford has recently made history by becoming the first hospital in Kent to introduce a special machine designed to ease the fears of young patients undergoing scans.

The innovative Kitten Scanner aims to alleviate the anxiety that children often experience when undergoing MRI scans. Unveiled at a recent event, the machine utilizes a computer game-style Avatar to guide children through the process, making it a fun and educational experience.

Thanks to the efforts of the Lions Club, led by President Avtar Sandhu, the hospital was able to acquire the Kitten Scanner. The club raised over £23,000 to purchase the equipment, which will now benefit the local community by providing a more child-friendly scanning experience.

With the Kitten Scanner, children can choose their favorite toy to accompany them during the scan, and watch a video of their chosen character undergoing an MRI. This helps them understand the process and feel more at ease. The different characters, such as Ollie the elephant and Doris the chicken, also offer helpful tips on staying still during the scan, an important aspect of the procedure.

Before the introduction of the Kitten Scanner, children with anxiety or fear of MRI scans had to travel to London to use a similar machine. Now, they can receive the same level of care and comfort right at Darent Valley Hospital.

Professor Seshadri Sriprasad, the hospital’s deputy chief medical officer, expressed gratitude to the Dartford Lions Club for their generous donation. He believes that the Kitten Scanner will greatly benefit young patients and their families by making the scanning process less intimidating.

President Avtar Sandhu also commented on the impact of the club’s donation, stating that it is one of the largest contributions they have made to a single project. He credits the support of the local community for making this possible and hopes that the Kitten Scanner will positively impact the lives of many.

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