Controversial Proposal to Convert Historic Pub into Pizza Delivery Restaurant Reemerges, Facing Opposition from Neighbors

Plans have resurfaced to transform the historic George and Dragon pub in Swanscombe into a pizza delivery restaurant, four years after the initial proposal was rejected.

The application was first put forward in 2020, but was met with objections from local residents and eventually refused by the council due to concerns about the loss of a community facility and inadequate parking.

Now, the same applicant has submitted a new request, which would see the takeaway open from 10:30am to midnight and include limited seating and parking spaces. It is not confirmed if the proposed restaurant will be a Domino’s franchise.

However, the new plan is already facing opposition from neighbors, who believe there are already too many fast food options in the area and that the additional traffic will strain the already struggling road infrastructure.

The George and Dragon pub has been abandoned for almost five years and is located near the site of the Galley Hill Road cliff collapse, which has forced the closure of a nearby road and redirected traffic through residential areas.

This is the third time the pub has been up for sale and the previous application was refused in 2020 and again in 2021 after an appeal was dismissed. A further application in 2022 was withdrawn following concerns from local councils.

Residents are encouraged to keep an eye on planning applications and public notices for their area to stay informed about potential changes in their community.

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