Concerns Grow for Missing Teen in Dartford Town Centre

Worries escalate for missing teenager in Dartford town centre
Fears are mounting for a teenage girl who has been unaccounted for since the previous weekend.

Paige Ripley, aged 17, was last seen in the bustling town centre of Dartford at approximately 6:30pm on Saturday, June 22.

According to Kent Police, Paige was last spotted in Dartford town centre on Saturday, June 22. She is described as being five feet and one inch tall, with a slender build and brown eyes. Her long brown hair is typically worn down or in a bun.

Authorities are unsure of Paige’s current attire, but note that she typically wears a silver necklace and bracelet adorned with crystal stones.

Police are deeply concerned for Paige’s well-being and are urging community members to be on the lookout for her.

Individuals with any information regarding Paige’s whereabouts are urged to contact the police immediately by dialing 999 and referencing case number 25-0348.

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