Community Concerns Grow as New Ash Green Shopping Centre Faces Challenges

Concerns Rise Over New Ash Green Shopping Centre

Local traders and residents are expressing concerns about the future of the New Ash Green Shopping Centre as rising rents and anti-social behavior are making it a less desirable destination for shoppers.

According to shop owners in the area, a group of youths has been causing disturbances in the shopping center’s car park and on the streets, intimidating customers and hurling verbal abuse at them. This behavior has resulted in a decrease in foot traffic and a negative reputation for the shopping center.

Liz Boniface, a representative for the New Ash Green Active Retirement Association, has stated that residents at a nearby retirement home are too scared to visit the shopping center due to the anti-social behavior. She also mentions that she has personally been targeted by groups of youths and has been physically intimidated on multiple occasions.

Residents in the area are also expressing their concerns about the impact this behavior is having on their safety and the safety of others. They worry that the group of youths may cause harm to themselves or others, and that there may be accidents in the car park due to their reckless behavior.

Business owners, such as bakery owner Shani Manamperi, are also feeling the effects of this behavior. She states that it is impacting her business negatively and that she is struggling to keep her business afloat due to rising rents and a lack of foot traffic.

In response to these concerns, the property management company, KMP Solutions, has stated that they are working to address the rent hikes and have plans to improve the shopping center. They also mention that they have not received any recent reports of anti-social behavior in the area.

Local police have also addressed the issue, stating that they are aware of previous incidents of anti-social behavior but have not received any recent reports. They urge residents and business owners to report any incidents to them and assure that tackling anti-social behavior is a top priority for them.

As the future of the New Ash Green Shopping Centre remains uncertain, residents and business owners are hoping for a solution to the rising rents and anti-social behavior in order to make the shopping center a welcoming and safe destination once again.

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