Car Smashes into Building Near Popular Pub in Greenhithe, Putting Innocent Lives at Risk

Car Smashes into Building Near Popular Pub in Greenhithe, Putting Innocent Lives at Risk

A car has smashed into a building just yards away from a popular high street pub in Greenhithe, causing chaos and putting innocent lives at risk.

The incident took place yesterday at 7:30pm, with witnesses reporting a loud bang and the sound of a child screaming. The vehicle, believed to be involved in a police pursuit, first crashed into a brick planter before careening into the building near the Pier Hotel pub.

Ashlea Frost, a barmaid at the pub, was working at the time and described the terrifying scene. She revealed that the car came dangerously close to hitting a family who had just left the pub after having dinner. “It’s gone straight up the wall and hit the next-door neighbour’s house,” she said.

Local Councillor Peter Harman, who lives near the area, was alerted when police knocked on his door to inform him of a fugitive on the run. He witnessed the car being chased by multiple police vehicles before losing control and slamming into the building. The driver then fled the scene, with police and a K9 unit in hot pursuit.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the crash. Cllr Harman emphasized the recklessness of the driver, saying, “I think it’s important to say how stupid and reckless the driver was to risk people’s lives like that. It was lucky no one was injured.”

The car has caused damage to the building, but Cllr Harman believes it could have been much worse. He stated, “It’s lucky that someone came out of the pub but they had just moved along when the car crashed. So they were very lucky not to get hit.”

Kent Police have been contacted for comment on the incident.

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