Candidates for Dartford Constituency Prepare for Tough Competition in Upcoming Kent General Election

Candidates for Dartford Constituency Prepare for Tough Competition in Upcoming Kent General Election

Kent General Election: Candidates for Dartford Constituency

As the general election approaches, the candidates vying to become the next MP for Dartford are gearing up for a tough competition. The Dartford constituency, located in the county of Kent, has long been considered a bellwether seat, with its residents consistently voting for the winning party in every general election since 1964.

One of the biggest issues facing the residents of Dartford is traffic, particularly due to its proximity to the Dartford Crossing. All the candidates from various parties have acknowledged the need to address this problem and have proposed different solutions, such as building the Lower Thames Crossing or improving public transportation.

Apart from traffic, the constituency also faces challenges due to its position near London, such as the extension of the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) to neighboring areas like Bexley and Bromley. Other national issues, such as affordable housing, crime, and healthcare, also affect the residents of Dartford.

The constituency is made up of diverse wards, ranging from urban areas like Temple Hill to rural areas like Southfleet and New Barn. This diversity is reflected in the candidates standing for election, who come from various backgrounds and political affiliations.

The current MP for Dartford, Conservative Gareth Johnson, has held the seat for 14 years. However, with polls predicting a potential landslide victory for Labour, it remains to be seen if the constituency will continue its trend of voting for the winning party.

The candidates standing for election in the Dartford constituency are as follows:

– Gareth Johnson (Conservative): Johnson, who has been the MP for Dartford since 2007, is seeking re-election. He has previously served as the Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Transport and has been a vocal advocate for the Lower Thames Crossing.
– Andy Blatchford (Labour): Blatchford, a local councillor and GP, is the Labour candidate for Dartford. He has promised to prioritize issues such as affordable housing, healthcare, and improving air quality.
– David Mersh (Liberal Democrats): Mersh, a former teacher, is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Dartford. His focus is on education, environmental issues, and ensuring a fairer society for all.
– Chris Bullivant (Green Party): Bullivant, a local campaigner and former teacher, is the Green Party candidate for Dartford. He is campaigning for environmental protection, social justice, and better public transportation.
– Steve Latham (Independent): Latham, a local businessman and community activist, is standing as an independent candidate. He has pledged to represent the views of the people of Dartford and be a voice for change.

As the election draws nearer, the candidates will continue to campaign and engage with the residents of Dartford, hoping to secure their votes on polling day. With the changing constituency boundaries, some residents may also be voting in Tonbridge or Sevenoaks elections. It remains to be seen how this will impact the final outcome of the election.

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