Brent Primary School’s Call for Road Safety Measures Presented in Parliament After Tragic Student Death

Brent Primary School's Call for Road Safety Measures Presented in Parliament After Tragic Student Death

Brent Primary School’s Petition for Road Safety Presented in Parliament After Tragic Death of Student

In the wake of the tragic death of ten-year-old Lily May Lockwood, a student at The Brent Primary School in Stone, a petition for road safety has been presented in Parliament.

Lily was fatally struck by a speeding motorist in a yellow Audi S1 on July 10, 2021, just a short distance from her home and school on Watling Street in Dartford. The motorist was later found to be under the influence of cocaine.

In response to this devastating incident, the school has created a petition that was presented to Parliament last week. The petition calls for measures to be put in place to improve road safety, including reducing the speed limit on surrounding roads from 30mph to 20mph. It also requests for additional safety measures such as speed cameras, speed bumps, posters, and police checks to ensure that the speed limit is adhered to.

On February 6, Dartford MP Gareth Johnson presented the petition to his fellow MPs in the House of Commons. In his speech, he emphasized the importance of road safety, stating that road accidents have had devastating effects on families and communities, including the loss of Lily’s life.

The driver responsible for Lily’s death, Gavin Prodger, was sentenced to 12 years in prison last October. He was found to be 200 times over the drug-driving limit and was also charged with speeding. After serving a minimum of eight years, he will have to serve another two years on license upon his release.

Following Lily’s tragic death, there have been concerns from parents about the safety of their children while walking to school. Many have called for a safe crossing point to be established on Watling Street.

The petitioners are urging the government to take immediate action and implement the safety measures proposed to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. Addressing the House of Commons, Mr. Johnson stated that the safety of the students at Brent Primary School is of utmost importance and by improving road safety, they will be more likely to walk or cycle to places, promoting healthier lifestyles.

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