Bluewater Phone Thief Gets Jail Time for Apple Store Robbery and Assault on Employee

Bluewater Phone Thief Gets Jail Time for Apple Store Robbery and Assault on Employee

Bluewater Phone Thief Sentenced to Jail After Assaulting Apple Store Worker

A man has been sentenced to jail time after robbing an Apple store in Bluewater and assaulting a store employee. Muraad Musse, 24, was caught on CCTV stealing a phone worth £1,599 from the store on November 25th of last year.

Musse approached the store employee from behind and forcefully pushed him to the ground before grabbing the expensive device and fleeing the store. The incident was captured on camera, leading to Musse’s identification and subsequent arrest. It was later discovered that Musse had also been involved in a similar theft at an Apple store in Manchester just weeks prior.

Musse, who resides in Tilson Gardens in Brixton, pleaded guilty to robbery and also admitted to breaching a suspended sentence order. He appeared in Maidstone Crown Court on Thursday (May 9) where he was sentenced to 94 weeks in prison by Recorder James Lofthouse.

Detective Constable Alex Burgham, who led the investigation, stated that Musse and an accomplice had specifically traveled to Kent with the intent of stealing a valuable phone. Their plan involved distracting a store worker before committing the robbery. However, thanks to a prompt investigation, Musse was quickly identified and located in London.

DC Burgham added that Musse was already serving a suspended sentence for a similar offence, making a prison sentence the only appropriate punishment. The incident serves as a reminder to individuals that committing crimes will not go unpunished and justice will be served.

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