Bellway Homes Fined Over £10,000 for Illegal Use of Standpipes by Thames Water

Bellway Homes Fined Over £10,000 for Illegal Use of Standpipes by Thames Water

Local housing developer, Bellway Homes, has been slapped with a hefty fine of £10,115 by Thames Water for illegally using a standpipe at two of its developments.

The company was found to have connected to an unauthorised and unlicensed standpipe on two separate occasions at its sites in Greenhithe and Taplow, Buckinghamshire. This is just the latest in a string of illegal connection offences uncovered by Thames Water in the past seven years, resulting in various companies being ordered to pay a total of £450,000 in legal costs.

The use of standpipes without proper authorization poses a threat to the integrity of Thames Water’s clean water network and puts a strain on the already limited water resources in the face of climate change and population growth. As a responsible water supplier, Thames Water is committed to taking action against those who illegally connect to their water mains.

Since 2017, the company has uncovered a staggering 870 illegal connection offences and initiated 96 prosecutions. In addition, over 39 separate offences have been prosecuted and more than 500 retrospective charges have been issued for first offences. The money collected from these fines is reinvested into crucial work to provide clean and wastewater services to customers.

Claire Rumens, Thames Water’s illegal connections manager, emphasized the importance of their efforts to find and stop illegal connections. She stated, “Our work helps us to uncover hundreds of offences and save millions of litres of water. It is our statutory obligation to protect, control, and maintain our clean water network, and we take this responsibility seriously.”

In response to the fine, a spokesman for Bellway Homes stated that the two standpipe incidents were completely unrelated and were the result of contractor operatives failing to follow established site procedures. The company has since tightened its procedures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Thames Water urges anyone who suspects an illegal connection or unauthorised standpipe to report it immediately by emailing or calling 0800 009 3921. As Claire Rumens stated, “We will always look to work with individuals and companies to educate and reduce the risk of reoffending.”

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