Bean Parents Disappointed as Bus Route Extension Fails to Ease School Commute

Bean Parents Disappointed as Bus Route Extension Fails to Ease School Commute

Bean Parents Frustrated as C1 Bus Route Extension Fails to Ease School Commute

The residents of Bean, a village near Dartford, have expressed their outrage after a much-anticipated revised bus timetable has proven to be of no help in their children’s school commute.

For years, parents in Bean have struggled to get their children to school as there is only one school bus that serves the area, and it does not run at times that align with school hours. This has caused much inconvenience and frustration for families in the village.

Hopes were raised when it was announced that the shuttle bus through the village would be extended to include a stop at Bluewater shopping centre, where students could catch other buses to their respective schools. However, the revised timetable has left parents disappointed once again.

The first bus from Longfield to Darent Valley Hospital now starts at 8:40am, which is after school has already begun. And the last bus from Bluewater to Bean leaves at 3:43pm, before most students have even finished their classes.

Lisa Martin, a parent in Bean, was shocked to see that the new timetable still did not cater to school times. “It’s ridiculous,” she said. “They have to be in school by law, but how are we supposed to get them there if we don’t drive? It’s like they are not considering the needs of families in this village.”

Another parent, Claire Martin, has two sons who attend Northfleet Technology College. She described the bus service as “absolutely useless” and said that her children are unable to get to school or work using the limited timetable. “We have to drive them, which goes against the push for less cars on the road,” she added.

Dartford council leader Cllr Jeremy Kite, who helped implement the route extension, explained that the service was never intended to be a commuter bus. It was designed to cater to the needs of elderly villagers who may feel isolated and need to visit family, run errands, or attend appointments. However, he did express sympathy for parents and students who are affected by the limited timetable.

Cllr Kite also mentioned that there are plans to look into new routes in the future. Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Kent County Council (KCC) stated that they provide support for the C1 service, but were not aware of the challenges faced by school children. They will be working with the operator to see if any adjustments can be made to improve the service for students during school times. As the issue gains attention, it is hoped that a solution can be found to ease the difficulties faced by Bean parents in getting their children to school.

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