Banksy Wannabe Caught Vandalizing Dartford Postboxes, Pleads Guilty to Criminal Damage Charges

Banksy Imposter Caught Red-Handed Vandalizing Dartford Postboxes

A video has surfaced of a masked imposter, who has been dubbed the “Banksy wannabe,” spraypainting a postbox gold in Dartford. The culprit, identified as Danny Whiskin, has pleaded guilty to several criminal damage charges after he vandalized 38 postboxes in the area earlier this year.

Whiskin, 33, was caught on camera wearing a hooded jacket and mask while carrying a bag, frantically spraying the postbox with gold paint in the minute-long clip. He was also seen with an e-scooter next to him, believed to be the one he used to secretly go out armed with spray cans to vandalize the boxes multiple times.

The video was captured by a passer-by who was outraged by his behavior and turned it over to the police, leading to Whiskin’s arrest in February. During a search of his home, police found spray paint, a black bag with a skull logo, and clothing that matched the person in the video.

Prosecutor Sidumiso Moyo told the court that Royal Mail first became aware of the vandalism on February 5, when 15 postboxes had been targeted. Whiskin was later arrested and released on bail with conditions not to go out in public with spray paint or vandalize anything. However, the day after being bailed, more postboxes were found to have been painted, this time with Mr. Blobby and Cadbury’s Creme Egg designs.

Whiskin was arrested again in April after being caught on camera painting another postbox, this time with a Union Jack design. The cost to Royal Mail to repaint the boxes back to their original red color totaled £5,700.

Whiskin pleaded guilty to causing more than £5,000 worth of criminal damage and was sentenced to an 18-month community order. He will attend mental health and rehabilitation programs, carry out 100 hours of unpaid work, and pay £2,600 in compensation to Royal Mail.

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