Animal Rescue Volunteers Shocked to Find Nearly 100 Abandoned Black Cats in Sevenoaks Property

A team of animal rescue volunteers in Sevenoaks was shocked to find nearly 100 black cats abandoned in an empty property near Dartford.

Safe Haven Rescue UK, a local organization dedicated to helping animals in need, received a call last week about 20 cats left behind by a former tenant. However, when they arrived at the property, they were shocked to find a much larger number of felines in need of help.

Elise Bradley, one of the volunteers, described the scene as a “sea of black cats.” She was in disbelief at the number of cats that had been abandoned and immediately started to think of ways to help them.

After hours of hard work, the team managed to catch 53 cats, including 25 kittens under six weeks old. They also discovered that five of the cats were pregnant, with one already giving birth to four healthy kittens.

Despite their efforts, the volunteers estimate that there are still around 40 cats left to be rescued. They are currently working with other local rescues to find space for them and are asking for donations to help cover the cost of their care and treatment.

The situation is made even more challenging by the fact that all of the cats are black. Black cats are often considered unlucky or difficult to adopt, making it harder for them to find forever homes.

Safe Haven Animal Rescue UK, which originally started as a horse rescue in 2017, is now dedicated to helping a variety of animals in need. They are grateful for the support they have received from the community and are calling for more donations and foster homes for the cats.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a cat, please email To make a donation to support their efforts, please visit their website.

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