A282 Dartford Crossing to Close for Maintenance: Plan Ahead for Temporary Closures and Diversions

Important Update: A282 Dartford Crossing to Close for Maintenance

The A282 Dartford Crossing, a vital connection between Kent and Essex, will be temporarily closed throughout the month of April for necessary maintenance work. This closure, announced by National Highways, will affect drivers traveling through the area and they are advised to plan ahead accordingly.

The maintenance work will commence with the closure of the QEII bridge starting tomorrow night. The bridge will be closed from 10pm on Saturday (April 6) until 5am on Sunday for routine safety inspections and maintenance. During this time, a diversion for Kent-bound traffic will be in place via the east tunnel. Most vehicles heading towards Essex will still be able to use the west tunnel, except for those between 4.8 and 5 metres high, who will need to follow the diversion via the M25 clockwise.

Further closures are also scheduled for next week. The east tunnel will be closed each night from 10pm until 5am from Sunday (April 7) to Friday (April 12), and again from April 15 to April 17 during the same hours. However, the west tunnel, which was initially planned to close during these times, will now remain open. This change has been made to facilitate resurfacing work on the M25 anti-clockwise carriageway between Junctions 30 and 29.

In addition, there will be further closures from 10pm until 5am on Saturday (April 13) in the west tunnel and on Sunday (April 14) in the east tunnel. These closures are part of an extensive maintenance programme at the Crossing, where contractors will be repairing and renewing various components such as ventilation systems, signage, drainage, steelwork, pipework, cabinets, railings, and electrical equipment. CCTV upgrades will also be carried out in both tunnels.

These closures are necessary for the safety and well-being of all drivers using the Dartford Crossing. National Highways apologizes for any inconvenience caused and urges drivers to plan alternative routes during these closures. Regular updates will be provided to keep drivers informed of any changes or developments. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to improve the safety and efficiency of this important route.

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