A20 Crash Claims Lives of Two Close Friends from Tonbridge, Inquest Reveals Tragic Details

A20 Crash Claims Lives of Two Close Friends from Tonbridge, Inquest Reveals Tragic Details

Tragic A20 Accident Claims Lives of Two Close Friends from Tonbridge, Inquest Reveals

A devastating car crash on the A20 near Farningham claimed the lives of two young friends, according to a recent inquest.

Jake Green and Alfie Green, both from Tonbridge, were travelling on the A20 Main Road when their car lost control on a sharp bend and collided with an oncoming vehicle. Unfortunately, both men were killed instantly in the crash.

The inquest, which was held in Maidstone, revealed that Jake Green was driving a red Ford Escort that had been loaned to him by his boss for transportation to and from work. However, Jake was not insured to drive the vehicle and only held a provisional license.

PC Sara Capozzi, who investigated the accident, stated that the driver of the oncoming vehicle observed the red car speeding around the bend and losing control. The driver, who was with his son at the time, estimated the car to be travelling at a speed of 70-80mph, well over the 40mph speed limit for the road.

Despite the efforts of members of the public and an off-duty police officer who stopped to help, both men tragically lost their lives. Jake Green’s autopsy revealed that he had suffered from catastrophic chest injuries and had also been under the influence of cocaine and cannabis at the time of the accident. Alfie Green’s cause of death was determined to be massive head trauma.

During the inquest, Forensic Collision Investigator Helen Waghorn reported that the car’s front left tire did not meet the required tread depth, and a part of the brake’s coil spring was broken. However, these factors were not deemed to have contributed to the crash.

Both PC Capozzi and Waghorn concluded that the accident was ultimately the fault of Jake Green, and once he lost control of the vehicle, the collision was unavoidable.

Coroner Roger Hatch ruled the deaths of both men to be a result of a road traffic collision. He expressed his condolences to the families of both Jake and Alfie, stating that Alfie was completely blameless as he was only a passenger in the vehicle.

Alfie’s twin sister Claudia, who attended the inquest with many friends and family members, described her brother as a “beautiful, amazing, respectful, loving, and kind-hearted king.” She also shared that her brother’s sudden death has left a deep void in their lives, and he will be greatly missed.

Jake’s brother Ashley, who was also present at the inquest, described his younger sibling as “handsome, young, and cheeky.” He added that his brother’s untimely death has left a profound impact on their family, and they will do their best to give him a proper send-off.

Following the tragic accident, the community came together to raise thousands of pounds in memory of the two friends. A plea was also made to help bring Alfie’s father from Albania to attend his funeral. Unfortunately, his request for a visa was denied due to his previous illegal entry into the UK.

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